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Fantasy Gingerbread Candy House

PostHeaderIcon Fantasy Gingerbread Candy House

Set aside a day or two and enlist lots of help from the kids to create a memorable piece of family architecture with this Fantasy Gingerbread Candy House. You might want to document the roof-raising with photos or a video.
* Gingerbread Dough (see recipe below)
* House template
* Scissors
* Plain paper (at least 8 1/2-inches x 11-inches)
* Ruler
* Pencil
* Rolling Pin
* Tree or girl and boy cookie cutters (optional)
* Baking sheets
* Wide spatula
* Cooling racks
* Royal Icing “Glue” recipe (see below)
* Base such as a board, baking sheet, flat platter or cake stand
* Foil (if using board as base)
* Narrow spatula
* Plastic pastry bag or sandwich bag
* Colored icings in tubes (with decorating tips)
* Mini Chewy SWEETARTS
* Mini Chewy SPREE
* SPREE Candy Canes
* BABY RUTH Fun Size Bars
* NESTLÉ BUTTERFINGER, NESTLÉ CRUNCH Fun Size Bars or Miniatures, or NESTLÉ Milk Chocolate JINGLES
* Flake coconut (optional)
* Craft hot glue gun with craft hot glue sticks (optional)
Visit here to get the rest of the details!

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