Folks are creative with their Gingerbread House Design

We mentioned there is a lot of fun stuff for the Gingerbread Fan over on Etsy. When we came across this one, we just had to share. It reminds us that there is a lot of fun to be had in putting together a Gingerbread House. It isn’t just four walls, a roof and some icing. You can add things that personalize it to your family or to theme that everyone knows. In this case, the creation is around the love of Hello Kitty. You can have a Gingerbread person to represent each person in the family. Or maybe let everyone make their face in a window using a icing tube to draw with. Different colors of icing not he walls of the house can take a brown house to a colorful one that resembles a building everyone had a good time at over the last vacation. There is fun in making a Gingerbread House that is like the ones over the years and there is fun in customizing the look to something unique to your family. Most important, it’s family fun!


Gingerbread flavored coffee finally back in stock! Enjoying while building.

When we build our Gingerbread Houses, most of us like to enjoy a cup of hot chocolate. A few members of our family like coffee instead, which is extra special this time of the year. For the holidays, Green Mountain ships their Gingerbread flavored coffee K-Cups. Yum!

We ordered ours early this year, over a month ago, and they finally showed up last week. Since they are showing available on all of our favorite K-Cup suppliers online, we assume all the back-orders have been filled.

One of the better prices we found was from Amazon, who shows three different suppliers.

Gingerbread flavored cream, which we have been adding to our coffee over the last month, is much sweeter than flavored coffee beans. The flavored beans add the taste that you can then sweeten as you like.