Gingerbread Fun to print, fold and enjoy

There is Gingerbread fun that doesn’t require an oven or anything editable. Yet, is still fun for the whole family or even around the office.

As you can see above, the cute little Gingerbread fellow is actually paper cubes. We found a site that has designs for two different Gingerbread men as well colorful packages. Just download the PDF and print to your local printer. We found the less expensive photo paper worked best for color and folding. Cutting is best done with a knife since the tabs interlock. Scissors can be used around the outer edge though so kids can do that part. Folding and assembly can be enjoyed by the whole family. For work, more precision can used with the knife and scoring lines prior to folding if the finished cubes will be on view of clients.

This is a image of the artwork you can download. Don’t use the  image as it is too low of resolution, go to the site to download the better PDF.

Gingerbread Man 1 site

Gingerbread Man 2 site

Fun elfs and packages


Gingerbread Men Dog Treats, fun for the whole family

Anytime you have a Gingerbread Man cookie in hand, you will find your family pet is not far away. They can tell they are missing out on something since everyone smiles when eating their cookies, and the Gingerbread aroma is hard to miss.

Our dogs will now be able to join in on the fun with Pawsitively Gourmet Classic Gingerbread Man Cookies for Dogs. Available a convenient 32 ounce package. The treats look just like the ‘human’ version of a Gingerbread Man cookie, but made for your dog as a healthy treat. Well, healthier than sharing your frosted cookie. Looking at them though, it’s hard to tell the difference between your cookie and your dog’s version.

WOW! Not Your Typical Gingerbread House

Here at we encourage taking Gingerbread to “other levels” and not all creations should be “traditional” as non-traditional can also be fun! We posted a while back a unique Gingerbread House creation from the folks at Gingerbread Ghetto and today we are sharing their creation of a Gingerbread House Check Cashing shop.  The Gingerbread House Check Cashing sop is decorated with red licorace rope to spell out the word “LOANS” and even has signs stuck on that say “Check$ Ca$hed” and “Money Orders”. Check out other nontraditional Gingerbread Ghetto themes here.

Gingerbread Galore at Hobby Lobby

Hi everyone! If you have not been to your local Hobby Lobby you better a get going as they have tons of Gingerbread goodies and they are On Sale! You can find Gingerbead Boy and Gingerbread Girl, Gingerbread Man and Gingerbread Woman ornaments, Gingerbread decorations, snowglobes and Gingerbread girls and Gingerbread boys dinnerware and of course Gingerbread Houses. Tons of Gingerbreadfun at Hobby Lobby!!

Gingerbread House Prison, Not Your Typical Gingerbread House

Here at we encourage taking Gingerbread to “other levels” and not all creations should be “traditional” as non-traditional can also be fun! Well, we came across Gingerbread creations by the folks at Gingerbread Ghetto that really takes Gingerbread in a whole other direction; check out this Ghetto Gingerbread Prison Yard complete with prisoners, jail, inmates, guards and jail outfits too. Check out other nontraditional Gingerbread Ghetto themes here.

Cutest Gingerbread House Christmas LoliPops

These would be fabulous as stocking stuffers or tied onto a gift or even placed on your Gingerbread House! Colorful candy lollipop Gingerbread Man and Gingerbread House lollipops. Details here.

Goth Gingerbread Man in Coffin

As we begin to approach Fall and soon Halloween, its time to shift our thoughts to “spooky, creepy, and even scary” stuff so why not a neat and Goth style Gingerbread Man! Found this interesting creation on an Etsy shop – The Poisoned Apple. Etsy is a great place to shop online for unique handmade items as well as vintage collectibles and antiques. Another Etsy shop we like is Crazy4Me and they tend to have a nice selection of vintage items for the home and neat collectibles and of course Gingread items from time to time. Hope you are all enjoying the end your summers!

Spicy Gingerbread Cupcakes

We are loving that cupcakes are so popular and are having a blast visiting bakeries that bake these treats and are really enjoying the super yummy cupcakes (I think my dentist is enjoying the visits I have been making lately too). So, in all true form that we love Everything Gingerbread….here is a tasty Martha Stewart recipe we found for you all for a spicy Gingerbread Cupcake and it looks so cute decorated with tiny Gingerbread men and Gingerbread boy sugared candies. Enjoy!

Frozen Gingerbread On A Stick Summer Treats

I don’t know what part of the country you are in but we are in the South and boy is summer time in full swing here with temperatures in the tripple digits! When most folks think of Gingerbread they tend to picture a snowy winter day near Christmas time and baking the Gingerbread treats and houses but not us here at Gingerbreadfun, why not have a frozen Gingerbead Man of Gingerbread Woman on a stick for a summer time treat! Check out the neat frozen Gingerbread recipe we found: Details here at Family Fun.


1 quart chocolate or vanilla ice cream
Gingerbread men cookie cutters
Assorted candies, such as red hots, shoestring licorice, Dots, M&M’s and chocolate sprinkles