Scented Gingerbread Man Ornaments – Kid Crafts!

Scented gingerbread man ornament

Here’s a gingerbread man that won’t try to escape from your oven. This gingerbread man is a very simple, fun project for kids to make. It’s a great sensory experience too!

Things You’ll Need:

* Sandpaper
* Gingerbread man cookie cutter or stencil
* Ribbon
* Cinnamon sticks

Step 1: Using a gingerbread man cookie cutter or stencil, trace the gingerbread man shape onto a piece of sandpaper. (If you don’t have a cookie cutter or stencil, see the resource section of this article for a printable stencil).

Step 2: Hold the cinnamon stick as you would a crayon, and “color” the gingerbread man with a cinnamon stick until it’s completely covered with cinnamon dust, or whatever you want to call it. This will give your ornament a wonderful scent.

Step 3: Cut out the gingerbread man, and punch a hole toward the top. Lace raffia, ribbon, or string through the hole and tie a bow.

Step 4: If you wish, you can add a face using crayons, or you can simply leave it plain. You can also glue the gingerbread man onto a decorative paper background. Read more here.

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