Gingerbread Journeys

Came upon this really neat composition of Gingerbread and thought I would share it with my fellow GIngerbread fans!

Gingerbread, with its myriad forms, alluring aromas, and symbolic significance, has been a quintessential holiday treat for centuries. At this time of year Gingerbread men begin to run amok in the kitchen, sticky fingers stud gaily decorated gingerbread houses with edible decor, and pastry chefs produce imaginative confections to delight the eye and the palette. As a life-long Gingerbread enthusiast, I’ve munched on all manner of piquant and pungent cakes and cookies, from the delicate ginger wafers baked by descendants of the Moravian settlers in North Carolina to the dense pain d’épices of Dijon, France. But I’ve refrained from sampling some splendid creations that were just too dazzling to destroy. Read More.

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